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Daryl Hall and John Oates: Tourbooks

Tour Programm UK Tour 1976.jpg (24883 Byte)
Tourbook 1976, UK Tour May 18th-28th

Tour Programm UK Tour 1976b.jpg (28215 Byte)


Tour Programm UK Tour 1977.jpg (27472 Byte)

Tourbook 1977, UK Tour,

January 11th-30th & February 15th

Tour Programm UK Tour 1977b.jpg (23500 Byte)

Tour Programm UK Tour 1977c.jpg (21624 Byte)

Books-Tourbook 1980.jpg
Tourbook Japan Tour 1980

Books-Tourbook 1980b.jpg (14943 Byte)

Books-Tourbook 1980c.jpg (11243 Byte)

Books-Tourbook 1982.jpg (14870 Byte)

Tourbook 1982


Books-Tourbook 1982b.jpg (14407 Byte)

Tour Programm UK Tour 1982.jpg (26947 Byte)
Tourbook 1982, UK Tour, October 1982

Tour Programm UK Tour 1982b.jpg (19926 Byte)

Tour Programm UK Tour 1982c.jpg (22606 Byte)

Books-Tourbook 1984-Japan.jpg (14989 Byte)
Tourbook 1984

Books-Tourbook 1984-Japan2.jpg (11683 Byte)

Books-Tourbook 1984.jpg (14982 Byte)
Tourbook Live Thru 1984/1985

Books-Tourbook 1984-back.jpg (14905 Byte)

Charlie1984.jpg (14842 Byte)


Books-Tourbook 1985.jpg (14939 Byte)

Tourbook Live Thru 1984/1985


Tour Programm Live Thru85-2.jpg (29647 Byte)

Tour Programm Live Aid 1985.jpg (11173 Byte) Live Aid Tourbook '85  

w/ Bryan Adams, Ashford & Simpson, Joan Baez, The Beach Boys, Ozzy/Black Sabbath, The Cars, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Crosby Stills & Nash, Duran Duran, Bob Dylan, Four Tops, Hall & Oates, The Hooters, Mick Jagger, Judas Priest, Patty Labelle, Kenny Loggins, Madonna, Pat Metheny, Billy Ocean, Jimmy Page, Tom Petty, Robert Plant, Power Station, Pretenders, REO Speedwagon, Run DMC, Carlos Santana, Simple Minds, Rick Springfield, Rod Stewart, etc. (w/ PHOTO PAGE FOR EVERY ARTIST!)


Books-Tourbook 1988.jpg (14908 Byte)
Tourbook Japan Tour 1988

Books-Tourbook 1988b.jpg (14971 Byte)


Tour Programm Japan 1990a.jpg (23884 Byte)
Kirin Gigs '90 Tourbook, Japan tour with Doobie Brothers, Boz Scaggs, Sheila E. and Johnny Gill 1990

Tour Programm Japan 1990d.jpg (27277 Byte)

Tour Programm Japan 1990b.jpg (26744 Byte)

Tour Programm Japan 1990c.jpg (26509 Byte)

Books-Tourbook 1991.jpg (17287 Byte)

Change Of Season, Tourbook 1991


Tourbook Soul Alone.jpg (13671 Byte)
Tourbook 1994; Japan Soul Alone Power Tour 1994

Tourbook, Japan Tour 2003


Tourbook, Japan Tour 2005


If you can offer me some of these items:

Tourbooks: Live Aid 1985, Greatest Hits Tour Japan 1995, Japan Can't Stop Dreaming Tour 1996,
Marigold Sky Tour (if that tourbook exists)
, Home For Christmas Tour 2007

- please contact me

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