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Rock & Roll - It's bigger than both of them Hall and Oates chic to chic

Article by Cliff Jahr, Photographs by Annie Leibovitz - ROLLING STONE 1977

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"I'll tell you .what changed," he says, brightening. "last year John and I were sharing a filthy $275 apartment with no windows. This year I'm looking for 100 acres around Woodstock."

Hall and Oates were virtually musical nobodies until last year. After tireless roadwork as everyone's warmup act, and after experimenting with at least three different sounds, they earned a small following in a scattering or cities, mainly because of their Top 40 single, "She's Gone," and the little gem of an album it came from, Abandoned Luncheonette.

Then in 1975 they tried a fourth sound, switched labels, and everything fell into place. By last fall they were headlining a coast - to - coast sellout tour. During the run of it, three of their 45s and three albums went gold. Last week their single, "Rich Girl," from their soon to-be-platinum last album, Bigger than both of Us, went Number One. Even their former label (Atlantic) has done okay by repackaging some old material with outtakes, ruefully calling it No Goodbye and shipping 300,000 copies in the first two weeks. Now the duo's problem is finding right tax havens.

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