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Looking Back - Booklet text "The Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates" 1991


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Not many acts can Iay claim to the kind of success associated with Daryl Hall and John Oates the biggest selling duo in Pop history. Aside trom their longevity they have been recording together since 1972 - Hall and Oates reputation as purveyors of the classiest rock and soul has long been their byword. In the seventies the pair laid the foundations for a style that has survived and prospered by avoiding compromise and concentrating on a unique blend of R&B that pays no lip service to trend and fashion.

After a chance meeting in a freight elevator they were sharing to escape a hoody gang fight in Philadelphia's notorious Adelphi Ballroom Daryl and John struck up a partnership inspired by a mutual love tor East Coast soul and doo wop, a taste which stood them in good stead but didn't prevent them expanding their horizons on such ground breaking and critically acclaimed long players as 'Abandoned Luncheonette’, ‘The Silver Album' and ‘Voices'.

Hall and Oates virtually pioneered the urban contemporary sound thereafter with a purple patch of classic singles and a regular occupation of the #1 slot in America's Pop and R&B charts during the eighties.

Sleek production, tight arrangements, terrific songs and that unique blend of catchfire rhythms allied to their trademark harmonies ensured that Hall and Oates transcended any genre on a huge variety of material, from ‘Sara Smile' and ‘She's Gone' through to the rapid wit of ‘Rich Girl' and the feline funk of ‘I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)'. In retrospect it is obvious that Daryl and John have inspired a raft of artists from Prince and Robert Palmer to George Michael and Paul Young. At the time everybody was too busy enjoying the moment to notice.

The watershed platinum album ‘Big Bam Boom', a hard core desert island disc produced with Arthur Baker, took Hall and Oates to the very forefront of new dance music since when their careers have blossomed again to take in a long time ambition (‘Live At The Apollo With David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks') and freshly minted masterpieces ‘Ooh Yeah!' and ‘Change Of Season'.

lt is patently clear that Hall and Oates are set fair for the nineties and with a catalogue as sparkling as the one this collection represents, a vintage set whichever way you cut lt, the duo's ability to please head, heart and feet is now enshrined in the constitution.

Max Bell.


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