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Credits - Elisa Fiorillo

Chrysalis CCD 1608 UK-release with 2 bonus tracks

Track Listings
1. You Don't Know - Elisa Fiorillo
2. How Can I Forget You
3. Gimme Special Love
4. Forgive Me for Dreaming
5. Do Something Foolish
6. Little Too Good to Me
7. More Than Love
8. Headin' for a Heartache
9. Lovers Prayer
10. Two Times Love
11. You Don't Know (House Mix)
12. How Can I Forget You (Dance Mix)

George Marino Mastering
Eddie Martinez Guitar
Cindy Mizelle Vocals (Background)
Taavi Mote Associate Producer
John Oates Vocals
Darryl Phinnessee Vocals (Background)
Ian Prince Keyboards, Sequencing Programmer, Producer
Rick Ruggieri Engineer
Henry W. Sanicola, Jr. Engineer
Sandra St. Victor Vocals (Background)
Neil Stubenhaus Guitar (Bass)
Dennis Wall Engineer, Assistant Engineer
Norma Jean Wright Vocals (Background)
Fred Zarr Synthesizer, Arranger
David Eaton Engineer, Mixing
Maxine Waters Vocals (Background)
David Dale Engineer
David Williams Guitar
Carol Friedman Back Cover
David Tyson Keyboards, Producer
Rick Bell Saxophone
Doc Dougherty Engineer
Ellen Silverstein Stylist
Marc Cozza Design
Robert Palmer Guitar
Lance McVickar Engineer, Mixing
Barbara Camp Make-Up
Dana Becker Assistant Engineer
Michelle Thomas Assistant Engineer
Gary Salzman Assistant Engineer
Jared Held Engineer
John Sahag Hair Stylist
Gardner Cole Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Vocals (Background), Producer, Guitar
Elisa Fiorillo Vocals, Vocals (Background), Main Performer
Audrey Wheeler Vocals (Background)
Lotti Golden Vocals (Background), Drum Programming, Mixing, Producer
Eddie Schwartz Guitar, Producer, Vocals (Background)
Jocelyn Brown Vocals (Background)
Reggie Lucas Guitar, Drums, Synclavier, Producer, Sequencing Programmer
Jeffrey Aldrich Executive Producer
Noah Baron Assistant Engineer
Bashiri Johnson Percussion
Paulinho Da Costa Percussion
Scott Cutler Producer
Steve Dubin Drum Programming
Tommy Faragher Keyboards, Programming, Mixing, Drum Programming, Producer, Vocals (Background)
Don Feinberg Assistant Engineer
Bruce Gaitsch Guitar
Dean Gant Keyboards
Connie Harvey Vocals (Background)
Jay Healy Assistant Engineer
Michael Hutchinson Mixing
Siedah Garrett Vocals (Background)
Jellybean Synthesizer, Vocals (Background), Drum Programming, Producer, Arranger


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