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Credits - Do It For Love

Paul Pesco - Guitar (Acoustic)
Todd Rundgren - Guitar (Electric), Vocals (background)
David Sancious - Keyboards
Daryl Hall - Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (background), Producer
Jeff Catania - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Mickey Curry - Drums
Chris Davis - Guitar Technician
Bob Ludwig - Mastering
Audrey Martells - Vocals (background)
Peter Moshay - Programming, Engineer, Mixing, Sequencing
John Oates - Guitar (Electric), Vocals (background)
Brian Rawling - Producer
Robin Smith - Programming, Sequencing
Paul Livant - Guitar
Billy Mann - Guitar (Acoustic)
Dorothy Low - Photography
Arthur Burrows - Design, Photography, Concept, Digital Imaging
Ken Gioia - Percussion, Strings, Drums, Programming, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Sequencing
Greg Bieck - Programming, Sequencing
Jack Daly - Bass
Sheppard - Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Strings, Programming, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Sequencing
Mark Taylor - Programming, Producer, Sequencing


Recorded at A Pawling Studios, Pawling, NY; Protopia-NYC (a division of Sheppard Music, Inc.), NY, NY. Rive Droite Music, UK and Stella Studios UK.

All Songs engineered by Peter Moshay for A Pawling Studios, NY except for Do It For Love, engineered by Sheppard & Kenny Gioia for Sheppard Music, Inc.

Assistanr engineer: Koz Koda

Studio Technicians: Chris Davis (Guitars), Martirano (Keys)

All songs mixed by Sheppard & Kenny Gioia for Sheppard Music, Inc (www.sheppardmusic.com) except for "Life's Too Short" mixed by Peter Moshay

Matered by Bob Ludwig at Getaway Mastering Studios, Portland, ME.

Management: Doyle/Kos Entertainment, Inc.

Website: www.hallandoates.com


Photography: Randee St. Nichols, Dorothy Low, Art Burrows

CD concept, design ephemera, Art Burrows, Ajax Design, Aspen, CO

website: ajaxdesign.com



John Oates Special Thanks:

Thanks to Aimee, Tanner, the rest of my extended blood, music and business family and especially the fans who have supported me through the good and bad times and still make it possible for me to do this. J.O.


John Oates



Daryl Hall Special Thanks:

This was a long and drawn out labour of love that took many twists and turns, and there are a lot of people to thank who helped make it the honest and soullful work of music that it is.


First, my musical team: T-bone, my old friend and musician extraordinaire, (we should really be called Hall, Oates & Bone!) Billy Mann, my Philly boy and energy man. My UK crew, Brian Rawling, who "believed," Mark Taylor, the man can record vocals! Paul Barry and Steve Torch, writers who "get" us. Greg Fitzgerald and Tom Nichols - writing can be easy! Paul Pesco, who slaved away in the basement in the middle of the night. David Sancius - one hell od a keyboard player, plays the STYLE I like! Mickey Curry, good to work and laugh with an old friend again. Shep and Kenny - great producers who made a song sound good on the radio. Pete Moshay - Mr. A - Pawling himself, and even though some didn't play on the record, my band - T-bone, John Korba, Mike Braun, Jeff Catania and Charlie DeChant - their spirit is all over this album.


Now on the non-musical essentials - Brian Doyle, my friend, manager, cheerleader, priest and psychiatrist. Mike McVay and Jack Ashton for their fantastic work at promoting us. Sister Kathy for working so hard on the visuals and merchandise. Justin Wilson, Paul Meisner and Jacqueline Kotler for making my life work. And last - Lori Allred and all the fans and supporters who gave us the love - and that's why we do it! Nov '02


Daryl Hall

We would also like to thank our friends at:

D'Adarrio Strings, Taylor Guitars, Dean Markley Strings, Takamine Guitar, Ampeg/Crate Amps, Korg Instruments, Fender Custom Shop, Vinny's Deli Andy Munitz Son DMXR - 100 Support, Tina Tai


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