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Hall & Oates Live Concert Fan Reviews


09/08/2004, St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) Xcel Energy Center

What can I say? The concert last night was more than I expected. For anyone who was/is skeptical of attending the Rock 'n' Soul Revue because there wasn't enough Hall & Oates, all I can say is, you blew one heck of a chance to see a truly phenomenal concert. What Daryl and John lacked in a shortened set list was amply made up for in the intensity, heart and soul put into what they did perform. The highlight of the concert for me was "Love TKO." Daryl put everything he had and then some into that song (picture his performance of M&MJ on A&E and you get the idea). I can't say enough about the Average White Band and Michael McDonald. They out did themselves as well. Security let the first 3 rows stand by the stage when H&O came on. We all had a great time singing along and dancing. I met many AAC members and thanks to Becky, we all had on glow in the dark bracelets. Very nice touch at the concert's end when Michael and John shook hands with us. If you have the chance to see them this time around do it. It is money
well spent.



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