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Hall & Oates Live Concert Fan Reviews


08/24/2004, DTE (Pine Knob Theatre), Detroit, MI

I went to the Hall & Oates concert the past 2 summers at Pine Knob (DTE) Theatre in the Detroit area. I am a huge fan and am so excited they are touring again!! Darryl Hall has the most unbelievable voice in music, past and current. I saw them in the 80s at Joe Louis arena in Detroit and they were also fabulous. I only wish they could play for 3 hours and play all the old and new songs. I just love the last CD they had out - Do it For Love - oh my God - that is the best CD I have heard in ages - I have had it over a year and it hasn't moved from my CD stack in my car! I can't tell you how many people I have gotten to buy that CD. I am dying for the new one to come out as well. I would love to hear them play at a small venue sometime - I just think to listen to Darryl Hall's voice and John Oates great background vocals would be outstanding. I am thrilled for their current success and think it is too bad that the radio stations haven't played their songs even more - because the Forever song (#4 on the CD) on the last CD is a gorgeous song and I just hoped that everyone could have heard it.

Anyway - I could ramble on about how wonderful they are. I hope they keep going, because I just think they are the most talented singer songwriters in the business!



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