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Back Together Again

Hall & Oates Abandon Philly Soul ID, Adopt Heavy Metal Stance

By Wesley Strick, Circus Magazine #166, Oct. 13, 1977


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A guy on the telephone would like me to hang out with Daryl and John. His name is Randy Hoffman, he works with manager Tommy Mottola, and he's very persuasive: "We're not fuckin' Aerosmith, but we can really rock & roll." What about the new album? I ask.

A few hours later, we're driving down to Allentown, Pennsylvania to watch Daryl Hall and John Oates rock & roll. Randy, a feisty little guy who knows his stuff, tells me, "I can talk sports with John. Sports and cars. John just got himself a Turbo Carerra." And Daryl? "Oh, Daryl taught me about the occult." Oh, the occult.

 The concert is superb, a study in contrast and control. Wan, lanky Hall works the crowd with haughty infor­mality; Oates, swarthy and serious, leads the band with measured thrusts of his Stratocaster. These guys are polar heartthrobs with all bases cov­ered. Old standbys like "She's Gone" and new standbys like "Back Together Again" sound urban and assured— supersophisticated for a mid-humid racetrack gig.




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