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Oates' 'Phunk' Finds Home On Rhythm & Groove

- BILLBOARD, July 27, 2002     By JILL KIPNIS          - 2 -

Within two weeks, Oates had booked studio time and signed a record contract with indie label Rhythm & Groove, which will distribute the album through Universal. By April, the entire album was finished. "It's not overproduced, and it's certainly not overthought," says Oates, who is managed by Brian Doyle of New York-based Brian Doyle Entertainment. I wanted to put a band together and play the songs. When we were in the studio. l said that it was kind of like that Feng Shui thing. Then I went, It's not Feng Shui, it's Phunk Shui. It's about harmony and balance and putting the funk in all the right places."

Highlights on the album - produced by Oates and Jed Leiber - include "All Good People," which has a pleasing AC feel with a beautiful melody and opportune lyrics that reach out to people coping with the craziness of the world. On "Color of Love," Oates sings about love being colorblind, on top of funky guitar and keyboard work.

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