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The truth about Johns mustache... Q&A 


John 97 with mustache.jpg (10006 Byte)

Johns morph.gif (142973 Byte)

  Take a little time to see what happens with the pic...

Q: Is it true, that John had to shave his mustache, because he looked to nice?

A: Yes it is true!


Q: Is it true that thousands of fans sign a petition 'Let your mustache grow, John!'


A: No, it is only a rumour!



Q: Why has Daryl dyed his hair red?

A: He did an oath: His hair will be red until John has his mustache back!

;-)         John 97 MGS.jpg (9447 Byte)   Daryl MS97.jpg (9849 Byte)

Daryl red.jpg (10070 Byte)

Do you remember
a long time ago when
Daryl had a mustache ?


 Question: Where is the best place to eat your breakfast and what is the best breakfast that you can have?

 Answer:   Hall and Oates.

 Question: What mighty trees grow in Holland?
 Answer:   The Holland Oaks.

 Question: How does a pickup truck driver in the State of Alabama describe his job of transporting grain?
 Answer:   Haulin' oats.

 Question: How do Dutch people call their local dim-witted compatriots?
 Answer:   Holland Oafs.

 Question: What is the name of the best duo in Rock and Roll history?
 Answer:   Hall and Oates.

Thanks 'Hohl Soul' for your jokes !



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Do not lose your head

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Stupid Questions with Daryl Hall & John Oates

The pop stars talk about appearing on ''Will & Grace,'' spelling, and shaving off mustaches

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