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DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES Beacon Theatre, New York

NOT LONG into Hall & Oates' two-hour show here, it became obvious why the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts. Together, they offer a textbook case of near-perfect Pop songwriting and delivery; alone, their weaknesses are glaringly apparent.

This concert worked gleefully weIl in such an intimate setting as the 2,400-seat Beacon. The use of only acoustic instruments, the subtle yet extremely effective lighting, and the shrouded curtain backdrop created the cozy appearance of the band playing in a large living room.

The show opened with a rousing a cappella tune that segued into "Out Of Touch," the first of several hits, as well as numbers from the duo's new Arista album, "Change Of Season." Unlike other bands with such a deep repertoire, Hall & Oates never seemed to be going through the motions when singing such oldies as "Sara Smile," "She's Gone," or "I Can't Go For That." Time and again, Hall's supple voice urged the audience into spontaneous applause.

For the show's first half, Hall & Oates sat on adjacent stools, as equals. Their guitar play and cascading harmonies, accompanied by two other guitarists, an uprightbass player, drummer, saxophonist, violinist, and cellist, created a virtual wall of sound that no electric instruments could break through.

Unfortunately, the warm atmosphere was broken when the band left the stage, and Oates, followed by Hall, spun a few solo tunes. Whether it was egos or artistry that encouraged such action, the sets seemed more an exercise in indulgence than an attempt to establish individual identities.

The whole timbre of the concert changed after the solo stints: Oates seemed like little more than a sideman, even though he wasn't doing anything different than before except for standing in another spot. However, when he and Hall encored with their soaring rendition of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling," each voice wrapping around the other as inseparable yet distinctive as strands of a serpentine chain, it was clear why, like the Righteous Brothers, the pair has carved out its unique and enduring niche as one of Pop music' s top duos.


Hall & Oates: Beacon Theater, NYC, 2/25 or 26/1991
(AUD, B+, 92 min)

  1. Out Of Touch

  2. Say It Isn't So

  3. Starting All Over Again

  4. Change Of Season

  5. She's Gone

  6. One On One

  7. Don't Hold Back Your Love

  8. Sometimes A Mind Changes

  9. Everytime You Go Away

  10. Las Vegas Turnaround

  11. Only Love

  12. Blues Medley

  13. Keep Pushin' Love

  14. Everywhere I Look

  15. Someone Like You

  16. Wait For Me

  17. I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)

  18. Sara Smile (end cuts)


incomplete recording

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